Monday, January 9, 2017

Bridal Shows

Starting January, Wedding Expos, Bridal Shows and Gown Fashion Shows start popping up all over town.  Filled with vendors pushing "great savings" and "show only deals" down your throat!  The reason being is like any other sales strategy, you see it and need it, you should buy it now and don't miss out. REMORSE LATER.

Although certain items can be found at shows that you already know you are going to purchase, services such as entertainment shouldn't be a rushed decision.  I'm not telling you to avoid the expo all together, they have great ideas for your wedding.  Take what you see and compare your options.  You should take the time to interview your DJ, asking them questions that specifically detail your wedding.  Find someone that matches what you want your wedding to be remembered for, and not just the cheapest deal.  All DJs are looking to get booked and fill up their open dates, make sure your date isn't just a "notch on the belt".

Check out some the F.A.Q.s we get asked and prepare a list of questions when you are interviewing your DJ.

Click on the link to see some examples of great questions straight from

Ask us about our Wedding Show Season Specials and go beyond the show.  We pass our savings on to you.

To those looking for that perfect DJ, happy hunting!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Congratulations for the New Year?

Christmas and New Year's is a time spent with family and loved ones.  When everyone is focused on being happy with each other.  The holidays can bring people who haven't spoke in a long time, together to celebrate. This is probably why the winter holiday is the number one time for couples to take the next step and become engaged.  You see it all over social media.  "John and Mary are now engaged". If you are among one the the lucky couples, congratulations!  Now off to the races.

Starting to plan your wedding may seem overwhelming at first.  The is a lot to do, and if you are going to be the wedding planner as well as the married couple, you have your plate full.  Now I can't help you pick out a dress and tux, of decide which napkins look best with the flower arrangements Aunt Betty is making, I can help with the ease of music and entertainment.  With over 20 years of experience DJing Weddings in Billings, Montana, Phoenix, Arizona and everywhere in between, Toonz DJ takes the hassle out of the music aspect of the planning.

 Although many seem to think they can wait and get their DJ booked, it is not a great idea to wait too long.  We book up fast, and if you are scheduling the wedding in the spring-fall, start thinking about your entertainment needs now!  Toonz DJ will be happy to meet with you and go over your ideas and begin planning with you. Our web resources help you every step of the way giving you the ability to plan from anywhere in the world via the internet.  


Contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION MEETING!

Once again, Congratulations!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Now What!?

So you just got engaged. She/he got down on one knee, the next 20 minutes was a blur, and all of a sudden you have a ring on your finger.

Awesome, right?

Getting engaged is one of those life events that you’ll remember forever, and kicks off the beginning of a crazy, amazing, and whirlwind time. But having never been engaged before, you might be asking yourself: What now?!

Well, there’s not one right answer — since this time is all about celebrating you and your fiancĂ©, you should definitely spend it in a way that’s meaningful to both of you!
Once the word is out and everyone knows about the engagement, the real fun starts!  Planning the wedding.  It is important to sit down and write out what you want for your wedding i.e. theme, location, entertainment, etc.
Coming from a DJ, I want to tell you that the entertainment is a very important part of any reception.  You want to be prepared and know how to pick a DJ.
First, start by researching candidates for your big day.  Attend bridal shows, check out websites, talk to friends/co-workers and narrow down to a few DJ's that fit your style.  
Once you have two or three in mind, setup a meeting.  A face to face meeting is generally the way to go, unless you are unable to do so, a phone meeting will work.  Get some questions ready pertaining to your specific requirements.  Some great questions I found from a simple search online.  These come from
The Basics + Background Information
• Is my wedding date available? 
• How long have you been in business? 
• How many weddings have you done? How many weddings do you do in an average weekend?
• Do you perform at more than one event in a day?
• Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
• Have you done events at my wedding venue?
• What sets you apart from your competition?
If you like the answers and feel a connection with the DJ, I encourage you to book! Get details on the booking process.  Deposits, cancellation policies, other meetings/planning. Once your DJ is booked, away with the planning you go.  I realize that the entertainment is a small part of the overall planning, however, don't overlook it.  You will be glad you put a little time into it once the big day comes.
Touching base with your DJ before the wedding day is a good way to ensure every one is on the same page.
Have a blast at your reception and enjoy your day!
So congratulations and get to booking!
P.S. Check out Toonz DJ and the Red Lion Hotel October 14th for a Bridal show!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wedding Show Specials Start Now!

Wedding Show Specials Start Now!

Although it is just about 2016, we have an already full schedule for the Summer Wedding Season.  This year, instead of attending all of the Bridal Shows, we are passing the savings on to our customers.  Save at least $200 off every wedding package!  Dates will book up very fast, so please contact us A.S.A.P to take advantage of this great rate. 

Don't stress, we would be happy to meet with you one on one and discuss what Toonz DJ can do for you.  Also visit us at our new office located at 2 Custer Ave. Billings, MT 59101 Suite 2B.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready for an exciting weekend!  Very busy with weddings both Friday and Saturday.  Trying some new things out!  Will share pictures and videos.  I have a question for everyone.  What is your favorite part of a Wedding Reception?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brides Against Breast Cancer Show

The Wedding/Bridal show continue with Brides Against Breast Cancer.  The show this year will be at the Billings Depot downtown on April 12th!  Toonz DJ will be the official DJ sponsor. Come check out great vendors and beautiful wedding dresses at a bargain!  Proceeds go to help fight breast cancer.

Contact us for more information, or visit www.BRIDESABC.ORG

See you there!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Upcoming Bridal Shows!

Two Bridal Shows are coming up and both are at The Depot in Billings!  Join Toonz DJ This Sunday, March 1st at the Depot for great deals for Wedding DJ Entertainment.  We are also the preferred DJ vendor for Brides Against Breast Cancer again this year.  Brides Against Breast Cancer Bridal Show is Sunday April 12th at the Depot.  Tell your friends and bring a guest for a great Wedding planning day!  Hope to see you there.  Please let me know if you need more information.